I thought it might be useful to post a bibliography of most of the sources I’ve looked at in the past couple of years, both for my Louis biography and while researching for my novels. These vary wildly from the specialist to the general: those which might be particularly useful to the English-speaking newcomer to thirteenth-century history are highlighted in bold.

Primary sources

Anonymous of Béthune, Histoire des Ducs de Normandie et des Rois d’Angleterre, ed. by F. Michelet (Paris: 1840)

—– Chronique des Rois de France, in Recueil des Historiens des Gaules et de la France, vol. 24, ed. by L. Delisle (Paris: 1870)

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Epistolae Innocentii papae III, ed. by J. P. Migne (Paris: 1855)

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Extraits d’un abrégé de l’histoire de France, in Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France, vol. 17, ed. by Michel-Jean-Joseph Brial (Paris: 1818), pp. 428–32

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—– Gerald of Wales: On the Instruction of Princes, trans. by Jospeh Stevenson (London: Selleys, 1858; repr. Felinfach: Llanerch, 1991)

Gestes du roi Louis VIII, extraits des Grands Chroniques de France dites de Saint-Denis, in Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la France, vol. 17, ed. by Michel-Jean-Joseph Brial (Paris: 1818), pp. 417–21

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The Letters and Charters of Cardinal Guala Bicchieri, Papal Legate in England 1216–1218, ed. by Nicholas Vincent (Woodbridge: Canterbury and York Society, 1996)

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The Life of Saint Hugh of Lincoln, ed. and trans. by D. L. Douie and H. Farmer, 2 vols (Edinburgh: Nelson, 1962)

Matthew Paris, Matthei Parisiensis, Monachi Sanctii Albani, Chronica Majora, ed. by H. R. Luard (London: Rolls Series, 1884–89)

—– Matthei Parisiensis Historia Anglorum, ed. by F. Maddern (London: Rolls Series, 1866–69)

—– Chronicles of Matthew Paris, ed. and trans. by Richard Vaughan (Gloucester: Sutton, 1986)

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—– ‘Des Faits et des Gestes de Louis VIII’, in Rigord, Vie de Philippe Auguste, ed. and trans. F. Guizot (Paris: Brière, 1825), pp. 385–463

Peter of Les-Vaux-de-Cernay, The History of the Albigensian Crusade, trans. by W. A. and M. D. Sibly (Woodbridge: Boydell, 1998)

—– (as Petrus Vallium Sarnaii), Historia Albigensis, ed. and trans. by Pascal Guébin and Henri Maisonneuve (Paris: Vrin, 1951)

Philip Mousket, Chronique rimée, ed. by Baron de Reiffenburg (Brussels: Academie royale de Bruxelles, 1836)

Le Premier budget de la monarchie française: Le Compte général de 1202–1203, ed. by Ferdinand Lot and Robert Fawtier (Paris: Bibliothèque de l’Ecole des Hautes Etudes, 1932)

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Ralph of Coggeshall, Radulphi de Coggeshall Chronicon Anglicanum, ed. by J. Stevenson (London: Rolls Series, 1875)

Récits d’un ménestrel de Reims, ed. by Natalis de Wailly (Paris: Librairie Renouard, 1876)

Richard of Devizes, The Chronicle of Richard of Devizes, ed. and trans. by John Tate Appleby (London: Nelson, 1963)

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—– Vie de Philippe Auguste, ed. and trans. F. Guizot (Paris: Brière, 1825)

—– Histoire de Philippe Auguste, ed. and trans. Elisabeth Carpentier, Georges Pon and Yves Chauvin, Sources d’histoire médiévale 33 (Paris: CNRS, 2006)

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Roger of Wendover’s Flowers of History, trans. by J. A. Giles, 2 vols (London: Henry G. Bohn, 1849; repr. Felinfach: Llanerch, 1995–96)

The Sanctity of Louis IX: Early Lives of Saint Louis by Geoffrey of Beaulieu and William of Chartres, trans. by Larry F. Field, ed. by M. Cecilia Gaposchkin and Sean L. Field (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2014)

The Song of the Cathar Wars. A History of the Albigensian Crusade, trans. by Janet Shirley (Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1996)

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Two Medieval Outlaws: Eustace the Monk and Fouke Fitz Waryn, ed. and trans. by Glyn Burgess (Woodbridge: Boydell, 1997)

Vie de Louis VIII, in Rigord, Vie de Philippe Auguste, ed. and trans. F. Guizot (Paris: Brière, 1825), pp. 354–83

Waverley Annalist, Annals of Waverley Abbey, in Annales Monastici, ed. by H. Luard, 5 vols (London: Rolls Series, 1864-69), vol. 2

William the Breton, Oeuvres de Rigord et de Guillaume le Breton, ed. by H. F. Delaborde (Paris: 1882)

—– La Philippide, ed. and trans. F. Guizot, Collection des Mémoires relatifs à l’histoire de France (Paris: Brière, 1825)

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Secondary sources

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The Foundation for Medieval

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