Books, books and more books …

I haven’t updated here for a while, so there’s plenty of news to share about several books that are at different stages.

First, Two Houses, Two Kingdoms will be out in paperback on 11 July. Here’s the cover:

Then, in September, volume 8 in my series of medieval murder mysteries, Blessed Are the Dead, will be published, in paperback and e-book:

And there are several more books in the pipeline. I have recently delivered to Osprey the manuscript of 1217: The Battles That Saved England, a close examination of the pivotal engagements at Dover, Lincoln and Sandwich that stopped the French invasion of England in its tracks. This will be published in 2024.

And finally (for now!) I’m delighted to say that I’ve just signed a contract with The History Press to bring you Lionessheart, the story of Joanna, daughter of Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine, and sister of Richard I. She led an incredibly exciting life that was more than a match for her brother’s, yet he’s gone down in history as the Lionheart, while she’s been all but forgotten. I’ll be using a wide range of contemporary sources to redress this and bring Joanna to the fore, taking us through England, France, Sicily, Cyprus, Rome and the Third Crusade. The book is also an exploration of how women in the 12th century could (and sometimes could not) exercise autonomy and power.

If you liked my biography of Empress Matilda, you’re going to love Lionessheart. Scheduled for publication in 2025!